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Events that took place in the month of July

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1266 Treaty of Perth

1460 Yorkists enter London

987 Hugh Capet becomes King of France

1187 Army of Jerusalem defeated

1190 Meeting at Vézelay

1194 Richard defeats Philippe

1495 Perkin Warbeck's attempted invasion

1190 Richard's Crusade starts

1346 Edward departs from Southampton

1460 The Earls of Warwick and March leave London

1189 Henry II Dies

1483 Richard III is crowned King

1553 Death of Edward VI

1174 Whipping of Henry II

1220 Stephen Langton returns to England

1307 Death of Edward I

1249 Alexander II of Scotland dies

1307 Edward II becomes king

1386 John of Gaunt leaves Plymouth

1249 Alexander III became King of the Scots

1540 Marriage to Anne of Cleves annulled

1460 Battle of Northampton

1553 Lady Jane Grey proclaimed Queen

1274 Birth of Robert the Bruce

1109 Fall of Tripoli

1346 Edward III lands in Normandy

1543 Marriage of Henry and Catherine Parr

1100 Abbey Church at Gloucester dedicated

1205 Hubert Walter dies

1077 The Bayeux Tapestry

1099 Crusaders take Jerusalem

1377 Richard II is crowned

1557 Death of Anne of Cleves

924 Edward the Elder dies

1346 Devastation of Normandy

1429 Charles VII crowned at Rheims

1553 Northumberland's final move

1100 Godfrey of Bouillon dies

1216 Honorius III elected as the new Pope

1290 Treaty of Brigham

1333 Battle of Halidon Hill

1460 Garrison at Tower of London surrenders

1545 Sinking of the Mary Rose

1213 Excommunication lifted

1270 The Eighth Crusade

1333 Berwick surrenders to the English

1554 Philip lands at Southampton

1403 Battle of Shrewsbury

1170 Becket and Henry at Freteval

1209 Albigensians massacred

1298 Battle of Falkirk

1461 Death of Charles VII

1470 Warwick and the Lancastrians

1470 Betrothal of Prince Edward and Anne Neville

1554 Marriage of Queen Mary and Philip II of Spain

1469 Battle of Edgecote

1214 Battle of Bouvines

1540 Marriage of Henry VIII and Catherine Howard

1469 Edward is captured

1565 Mary Stuart marries Lord Darnley

1460 Yorkists in power

1502 Columbus heads west

1470 The plan to restore Henry VI

1498 The island of Trinidad is discovered

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Other events occurring in July

975 Edward becomes king
1017 Canute marries Emma
1035 William the Conqueror becomes Duke of Normandy
1048 Damasus II was elected Pope
1054 The Crab Nebula seen
1066 William's Invasion fleet gather in the estuary of the River Dives
1066 Harold prepares for William's invasion
1096 Peter reaches Byzantium
1101 The Treaty of Alton
1163 Council at Woodstock
1171 Henry plans invasion of Ireland
1185 Treaty of Boves
1186 Geoffrey, son of Henry II dies in a tournament
1191 Richard takes Acre
1202 Arthur knighted
1211 Peace with Wales
1270 Prince Edward leaves for the Holy Land
1276 Adrian V was Pope bewteen July and August
1277 Construction of Flint Castle begun
1277 Edward reaches Worcester
1296 Balliol: Surrenders at Stracathro, Edward takes the Stone of Scone
1297 Confederacy formed and destroyed
1300 Caerlaverock Castle siege
1304 Stirling Castle surrenders
1311 Edward returns to England
1321 Parliament at Westminster
1322 The Scots invade
1338 Edward invades France
1339 French attack Dover
1340 Siege of Tournai
1341 Edward goes north
1362 The Black Prince is given Gascony
1369 John of Gaunt in northern France
1399 Bolingbroke returns to England
1439 Owen Tudor is pardoned
1445 French Embassy in London
1449 French Armies in Normandy
1450 Jack Cade killed
1450 Surrender of Caen
1453 English defeated at Castillion
1455 Parliament held
1463 Queen Margaret returns to France
1463 Siege of Norham Castle
1469 Clarence marries Isabel Neville
1472 Richard marries Anne Neville
1474 Treaty of London
1475 Edward invades France
1481 Rheims Cathedral damaged by fire
1483 Murder of Princes in the Tower
1488 Battle of St. Aubin
1536 Elizabeth declare illegitimate
1543 Treaties at Greenwich
1547 Capture of the castle at St. Andrews
1548 The French arrive in Scotland
1553 Mary gathers support