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Events that took place in the month of June

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1191 Richard controls Cyprus

1533 Coronation of Anne Boleyn

1420 Henry marries

1098 Antioch falls to the Crusaders

1369 Edward III restates claim for French throne

1191 Richard arrives at Tyre and attacks Acre

1329 David II becomes king of Scotland

1381 Peasant's Revolt reaches Maidstone

1520 Field of the Cloth of Gold

1042 Harthacanute dies and Edward the Confessor becomes King

1210 John lands in Ireland

1381 William Courtenay becomes Archbishop of Canterbury

1381 Peasant's Revolt reaches Canterbury

1381 Rebels move towards London

1488 Death of James III of Scotland

1496 Columbus lands at Cadiz

1509 Henry marries Catherine of Aragon

1381 Rebels reach London

1174 The Battle of Alnwick

1381 Rebels enter London

1483 Hastings executed

1170 Henry II coronation of Prince Henry

1381 Richard meets the rebels

1215 John's Great Charter (the Magna Carta)

1330 Edward (the Black Prince) is born

1381 Watt Tyler killed

1502 Columbus lands at Mantinino

1332 Isabella born

1381 Rebellion elsewhere

1487 Battle of Stoke

1314 Edward leaves Berwick

1381 Rebellion again

1429 The Battle of Patay

1312 Gaveston executed

1566 Birth of the James the future King of England

1199 King John leaves England

1377 Edward III Dies

1402 Battle of Pilleth

1483 Edward V declared illegitimate

1527 Henry VIII declares his marriage invalid

1191 Eclipse

1377 Richard II becomes king

1503 Henry and Catherine's marriage arranged

1148 Damascus attacked

1190 Richard at Tours

1314 Battle of Bannockburn

1340 Battle of Sluys

1459 Great Council

1509 The coronation of Henry VIII

1483 Duke of Gloucester nominated as King of England

1483 Earl Rivers is executed

1460 Earls of March and Warwick land in England

1098 The Crusaders escape Antioch

1180 Treaty of Gisors

1461 Edward IV is crowned

1462 Queen Margaret and Louis XI

1491 Henry (VIII) born

1170 Huge Eastern Mediterranean Earthquake

1214 Interdict lifted

1502 Columbus predicts a hurricane

1504 Columbus is rescued

1451 Bordeaux falls to the French

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Other events occurring in June

1040 Harthacanute lands in England and becomes King
1066 Dedication of Holy Trinity at Caen
1070 Hereward the Wake sacks Peterborough Abbey
1072 William leads an army into Scotland
1099 The Crusaders reach Jerusalem
1113 Worcester Cathedral damaged by fire
1119 Field of Blood
1139 Roger, Bishop of Salisbury is arrested
1141 Matilda enters London
1147 Louis VII joins the Crusade
1153 Malcolm IV becomes King of the Scots
1177 Courcy becomes lord of Ulidia
1183 The Young King dies
1201 Philippe entertains John in Paris
1201 Storms do much damage
1204 Normandy is taken by Philippe
1205 John prepares invasion
1206 John defends Aquitaine
1216 Prince Louis advances across England
1224 Bedford Castle siege
1239 Edward (I) is born
1258 Provisions of Oxford
1258 Odiham and Kenilworth handed over to the King
1263 Simon's forces do much damage
1264 Haco of Norway attacks Scotland
1264 Simon summons Parliament
1268 Edward take the cross
1277 Feudal levies
1283 David of Wales captured
1303 Edward I reaches Perth
1308 Gaveston banished
1313 Stirling Castle Siege
1319 Edward marches to free Berwick
1334 England takes control of parts of Scotland
1337 A comet is seen over France
1341 David II returns to Scotland
1348 The Plague reaches England
1376 Death of the Black Prince
1401 Hotspur resigns
1450 London ransacked by the rebels
1460 Yorkists take control of Kent
1464 Truce with Scotland.
1464 Herbert becomes Constable of Harlech
1469 Edward advances against rebels
1477 Clarence arrested
1492 Death of Elizabeth Woodville
1494 Southern coast of Cuba explored
1497 Cabot discovers Newfoundland
1498 The doldrums
1503 Henry VII escorts Margaret to Scotland
1503 Columbus is stranded for a year
1513 Henry sails to France
1553 Change to Edward VI's will
1559 Henry II killed during a tournament
1560 Death of Mary of Guise
1584 Bond of Association