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Events that took place in the month of December

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Other events occurring in December

870 The Danes attack Wessex
1017 Death of Eadric Streona
1037 Harold Harefoot becomes king
1062 Harold, earl Wessex, attacked Rhuddlan
1065 Dedication of Westminster Abbey
1069 The North is devastated by the Normans
1126 Henry holds a council at Woodstock
1130 Henry spends Christmas at Woodstock
1140 Stephen besieges Lincoln
1154 Henry II succeeds Stephen
1165 William I 'the Lion' becomes king of the Scots
1187 Clement III becomes Pope
1189 William of Scotland gives Richard 10,000 marks
1192 Richard shipwrecked on the way home
1205 John forces election of De Gray
1206 The Pope chooses Stephen Langton for Canterbury
1290 The 'Eleanor Crosses'
1303 Edward stays at Dunfermline Abbey
1314 Gaveston buried
1332 Balliol overthrown
1342 Siege of Vannes
1387 Invasion threat from France
1413 Richard II's body moved
1423 Treaty of London
1431 Henry VI crowned as King of France
1436 Severe Frosts
1442 Henry VI's legal majority
1454 Henry's health returns
1456 Margaret Beaufort moved to Pembroke
1462 Yorkists take back control of Northumbrian castles
1463 Duke of Somerset rebels
1463 English Truce with Scotland
1476 Edward prevents marriage
1484 Richard returns to London
1492 Columbus lands at Santo Domingo
1494 Henry enters the Order of the Garter
1497 Sheen Palace burns down
1497 Vasco de Gama rounds Cape of Good Hope
1533 Princess Elizabeth moved to Hatfield
1536 Rebels list demands
1553 Elizabeth returns leaves court
1557 The Lords of the Congregation
1560 Death of Francis II, King of France