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1204 Death of Eleanor of Aquitaine

1215 Pope sides with John

1101 Henry I appoints Roger, a Norman Monk, as Chancellor

1454 Earl of Salisbury becomes chancellor

1203 Arthur is murdered

1367 Battle of Nájera in Spain

1331 Meeting between Edward III and Philippe VI

1471 Clarence rejoins his brothers

1152 Theobald refuses to crown Eustace

1498 Death of Charles VIII of France

1413 Henry V crowned

1483 Edward IV dies, Edward V becomes king

1191 Richard's fleet leave Sicily

1471 London opens its gates to Edward and the Yorkists

1554 Wyatt executed

1258 Henry is opposed by the Barons

1436 The French retake Paris

1118 Baldwin II crowned

1129 Coronation of Philip of France

1297 Edward appeals for support

1471 The Battle of Barnet

1471 Queen Margaret lands at Weymouth

1450 Battle of Formigny

1194 The 'Crown Wearing'

1492 Columbus signs agreement

1500 Louis XII enters Milan

1164 Reading Abbey consecrated

1390 Robert III becomes King of the Scots

1191 Philippe Augustus arrives in Acre

1314 Pope Clement V dies

1109 Archbishop Anselm dies

1509 Death of Henry VII

1348 Creation of the Order of the Garter

1358 A Splendid Tournament at Windsor

1445 Marriage of Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou

1494 Columbus heads for Cuba

1558 Marriage and a secret agreement

1199 John is crowned Duke of Normandy

1284 Edward (II) is born

1599 Birth of Oliver Cromwell

1296 Battle of Dunbar

1192 Conrad is assassinated

1202 John fails to attend a summons to Philippe's court

1442 Future Edward IV is born

1429 Joan reaches Orleans

1483 Woodvilles escort Edward V

1483 Richard captures the King

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