Witenagmot or Witan

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The Witenagmot was a council of Anglo-Saxon high ranking people brought together to assist in the running of the country alongside the Anglo-Saxon kings of England. The council members included bishops, ealdorman and thanes, high ranking Anglo-Saxons. The council is also known as the Witan.
866   Witenagemot held at Woodstock
 Ethelread held a Witenagemot (Witan) at the palace of Woodstock. [1] 
1016 Apr  Edmund II (Ironside) becomes King
 Edmund II became king at the death of his father Aethelred II in London. London chose prince Edmund as king but it was short lived as the Southampton Witan chose Canute, who then invaded England. 
1055 Oct 24  Rebellion of Aelgar of Mercia
 Aelfgar, earl Mercia was outlawed by the witan. In revenge he built a force and allied himself with Welsh Gruffydd ap Llywelyn. After defeating the King's nephew, Radulf, they attacked Hereford and raided the church killing several canons and taking everything of value leaving the building on fire. The rebels also attacked Leominster. Earl Godwin raised an army in response but the two side eventually came to peaceful terms and Aelfgar was later restored to his position.[2]