Rebellion against Henry II


1173 - 1174 Baronial rebellion
   The baronial rebellion against Henry II. One of it leaders was Hugh Bigod. (Need to investigate)
1174 May Richard (I) seizes the town of Saintes from his father, Henry II
   Richard seized the town of Saintes from his father but soon lost it again as Henry's tactics and forces were more superior.
Jun 13 The Battle of Alnwick
   William I, king of Scotland invaded England to help fight in the baronial rebellion against Henry II. The Scottish King attacked the castle at Prudhoe but was unable to capture it. William was captured at the Battle of Alnwick and the rebellion came to an end. He was transported to Falaise in Normandy where he would later sign a peace treaty.
Aug Siege of Rouen
   From the middle of July King Louis of France, Henry the Young King and Philip the count of Flanders had surrounded the city of Rouen. The city had held out against the war engines. Henry II arrived at Rouen in the middle of August to rescue the city. The besiegers were fearful that Henry II would invade France and the siege was lifted.
Oct 11 Henry II reaches a peace agreement
   After a year and a half of rebellion against him, Henry II achieved peace agreements with Louis the French king and his own three sons. (Treaty of Falaise?)
1512 Fire at the Tower of London
   A fire at the Tower of London damages St. Peter's chapel within the castle grounds.

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