William (I, the Lion, King of Scotland 1165-1214)

 Born     Born At  
 Died  1214   Buried At  
 Father  Henry (Earl of Huntingdon)   Mother  Warenne, Ada de
William was the son of Henry, the Earl of Huntingdon and the grandson of King David I, King of Scotland. William became King of Scotland in 1165 after the death of his elder brother Malcolm IV, who had been the king of Scotland from 1153. In 1168 William chose to build an alliance with the French king Louis VII to fight the English. He also supported King Henry II's rebellious sons in their revolt against their father. William was captured by the English and in 1174 signed the treaty of Falaise which made Scotland a feudal possession of England. William and his nobles swore fealty to Henry II. The treaty was overturned by King Richard I in return for funds paid by Scotland to pay for Richard's Crusade.


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1165 Dec  William I 'the Lion' becomes king of the Scots
 On the death of Malcolm IV his brother, William, became the king of the Scots. William was crowned at Scone. 
1174 Jun 13  The Battle of Alnwick
 William I, king of Scotland invaded England to help fight in the baronial rebellion against Henry II. The Scottish King attacked the castle at Prudhoe but was unable to capture it. William was captured at the Battle of Alnwick and the rebellion came to an end. He was transported to Falaise in Normandy where he would later sign a peace treaty.

Episode: Rebellion against Henry II  
 Dec 8  William I of Scotland signs Treaty of Falaise
 Captured by the English, William of Scotland was forced to sign the Treaty of Falaise. The treaty made Scotland a feudal possession of England and William and his nobles swore fealty to Henry II. William had to hand over several castles to the English in return for his freedom. One of these was Stirling Castle.This treaty was overruled by Richard I in return for funds paid by Scotland that Richard needed for his crusade in 1189.[1] 
1189 Dec  William of Scotland gives Richard 10,000 marks
 William I of Scotland gives Richard I 10,000 marks for the Crusade. This overturns the Treaty of Falaise which William had to sign when captured in 1174.[1] 
1200 Nov 22  William does homage to John
 During a tour of the Midlands, John received homage from William 'the Lyon', King of Scotland at Lincoln. William was looking to move into the areas of Northumberland, Cumberland, and Westmoreland. John on the other hand ensured that those areas were controlled by Barons he could trust.[2] 
1212   William gives son as hostage
 William, King of the Scots was prepared to give John his eldest son, Alexander as hostage to keep the peace between the two countries. William was also eager that Alexander should become King of the Scots after himself. Earning the trust of John was to be repaid later when John sent an army to Scotland to help William put down a rebellion.[2] 
1214 Dec 4  William the Lyon of Scotland dies
 William, the King of Scotland died. 

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