Villiers, George (1st Duke of Buckingham)

 Born  1592   Born At  
 Murd.  23 Aug 1628   Buried At  
The Duke was a principal minister of James I and Charles I. Under Charles I the Duke led failed military attacks on the Spanish but maintained his position of the King's favourite. Parliament was unhappy with the Duke's influence over the King and wanted him removed. When Parliament pressed for the Duke's arrest Charles dissolved it, but The Duke was murdered a short time later.


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Early Modern Period (1500-1800)
1625 Jun  33yrsCharles' First Parliament
 Charles I called his first Parliament in June of 1625. His aim was to raise money for war against Spain although he did not tell Parliament what the money was for. Parliament refused to give the full amount and gave only limited funds. Parliament restricted Charles to collect 'Tonnage and Poundage' for only one year. Before this 'Tonnage and Poundage' was collected at any time. There were concerns over Charles' marriage to his Roman Catholic wife and favouritism shown to her religion. Further concerns related to the Duke of Buckingham and his influence over the King. Charles dissolved the Parliament in August without achieving his aims.
 Oct  Failure of Cadiz expedition
 A fleet of English warships was ordered by the Duke of Buckingham to sail to southern Spain to intercept Spanish ships bringing back treasure from South America. They failed to capture any ships and turned their attention to Cadiz. Although the troops landed and took the harbour they were poorly provisioned. Finding large amounts of wine the troops became drunk and the attack was reduced to a complete failure. The expedition returned to England in shame.[1] 
1626 Feb  34yrsCharles' Second Parliament
 Charles called his second Parliament again to raise funds for his military exploits. To improve his chances of success Charles gave appointments of County Sheriff to those who had previously opposed him. It was not possible for Sheriffs to be members of the Commons. Parliament was led by Sir John Eliot who criticised the King's and Buckingham's failed military expeditions. Charles dissolved Parliament again without getting his funds. 
1628 Jun 26  36yrsParliament dissolved
 Although Parliament had agreed to give the King his money, it also pressed for the arrest of Buckingham. To protect Buckingham, Charles dissolved Parliament. 
 Aug 23  Buckingham murdered
 John Felton, a sailor with either a personal or political grudge against Buckingham, stabbed the Duke in Portsmouth during a breakfast meeting. Felton did not flee but gave himself up. John Felton was found guilty of murder and hanged.[2] 

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