Urban (II, Pope)

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Born in Chatillon-sur-Marne to a noble French family. Urban became a monk at Cluny and before the age of forty, became the Cardinal Bishop of Ostia. In 1088 he was made Pope. The German Emperor, Henry IV had asserted his power over the Papacy after the death of an earlier Pope, Gregory VII. Urban had been imprisoned by Henry for his support of a Gregory, but now as Pope, Urban used his authoritative skills to win over Henry and restore his power as Pope.

Safely in power in the West, Urban turned his attention to the Christians in the East and Byzantine. The Byzantine Emperor, Alexius sent a delegation to see Urban in March 1095. At the meeting, the delegation told Urban and the assembled Bishops how the Christians in the East were being persecuted by the Turks. In November 1095, Urban addressed a large crowd at Clermont. Urban spoke to the crowd about fellow Christians being attacked and asked for Christians in the West to help. Urban promised those who died in battle full absolution and remission of their sins. He called for a Holy War. One man who came to hear about this war was Peter the Hermit.


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1088 Mar  Urban becomes Pope
 Urban II was elected Pope in 1088. His real name was Odo of Lagery and chose the name Urban when he became Pope. He had at first been a monk at the abbey at Cluny from 1070 and had become a prior there. 
1095 Mar  The Council of Piacenza
 A delegation led by the Byzantine Emperor Alexius Comnenus visited Pope Urban II to raise the problems he was having fighting the Muslims in the East. Pope Urban removed the excommunication that had been placed on the Emperor by Pope Gregory and promised to help.

Episode: The People's Crusade and First Crusade  
 Nov 27  The Council of Clermont
 On the last day of the council Pope Urban II preached about the oppression being inflicted on the Christians in the Middle East by the Muslim Seljuks. Christian churches were being destroyed and Christians attacked. The Pope called for the Christians in the West to help.

Episode: The People's Crusade and First Crusade  

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