Tudor, Owen

 Born  1400   Born At  
 Died  1461   Buried At  
Owen Tudor was a Welsh landowner and a supporter of Owen Glyndwr. He worked in the household of Catherine of France, the wife of Henry V and after Henry died in 1422 married the Queen. Their son Edmund Tudor, the Earl of Richmond, married into the Beaufort family and their son became Henry VII, the first Tudor king. Owen and Catherine had four children, the youngest two devoting their life to God.


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1429   29yrsMarriage of Owen Tudor and Catherine of France
 It is believed that Owen Tudor and Catherine were secretly married in this year or just before. 
1437 Jan 3  37yrsCatherine of France dies
 Catherine died in this year after retiring to Bermondsey Abbey. Some reports say she died whilst giving birth, but this is probably wrong. 
 Qtr 2  Owen Tudor is captured
 After the death of Catherine of France Owen Tudor was summonsed by Henry VI. Owen was unsure of Henry's motives and wanted some guarantee that he would be able to leave unharmed. That guarantee was given and Owen went to London. Still cautious, Owen used the safety of Westminster to investigate the King's reasons for his summons and when he was relatively happy visited the King. Owen was charged with certain crimes but was cleared and allowed to leave. On his return to Wales Owen was arrested and imprisoned in Newgate gaol. 
1438 Qtr 1  38yrsOwen Tudor escapes
 Somehow Owen escaped from the Newgate prison along with his priest and servant but was soon recaptured and sent to Windsor Castle. 
1439 Jul  39yrsOwen Tudor is pardoned
 Owen Tudor was pardoned for all crimes he had been accused of and released from Windsor Castle. He was taken in by the King and given a regular income. Owen and his sons proved to be faithful Lancastrian supporters. 
1461 Feb 2  61yrsBattle of Mortimers Cross
 Edward Earl of March, now the heir to the English throne, showed off his military skills at the Battle of Mortimer's Cross in Herefordshire. The Lancastrians with Welsh support had caught Edward as he travelled to London. On the morning of the battle three bright lights were seen in the sky. Edward used this strange sight as a good omen. The Lancastrians were defeated and Owen Tudor was captured and beheaded. Jasper Tudor escaped.

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