Stafford, Henry (Duke of Buckingham)

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 Exec.  2 Nov 1483   Buried At  
Henry was descended from Thomas of Woodstock, a son of Edward III. After his father died in 1455 fighting on the side of the Lancastrians Henry became a royal ward. A marriage was arranged for him to Catherine Woodville, Queen Elizabeth Woodville's younger sister. A marriage he was not happy about. Buckingham was Steward of England at the time of Clarence's execution and after the death of Edward IV he had sided closely with Richard Duke of Gloucester (Richard III). In 1483 Buckingham assisted Richard with the arrest and confinement of the young king Edward V and Richard's claim to the English throne. At Richard's coronation Henry walked behind Richard holding the King's train. Buckingham's reward were the titles of Constable and Great Chamberlain of England. In October of 1483 Buckingham changed his allegiance away from the King and to the King's enemies the Woodvilles and Henry Tudor. Richard was made aware of Buckingham's treachery and was captured after a disastrous revolt. Buckingham was executed at Salisbury on 2nd November 1483.


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1483 Apr 30  Richard captures the King
 Richard, assisted by the Duke of Buckingham rode to Stony Stratford where they met with the King under the pretence of offering their condolences for the death of his father. Instead, they captured King Edward and took him directly to London and safe keeping in the Tower. Anthony Woodville, Earl Rivers was arrested and imprisoned at Sherriff Hutton Castle, near York.[1]

Episode: Wars of the Roses  
 Jun 13  Hastings executed
 Lord Hastings had supported Richard against the Woodvilles and had hoped to gain some reward for his loyalty, but the Duke of Buckingham seemed more likely to be rewarded at his expense. Hastings' loyalties swayed towards the Woodvilles and when Richard found out, Hastings was arrested and executed.[1]

Episode: Wars of the Roses  
 Oct  Buckingham's rebellion

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