Pole, John de la (Earl of Lincoln)

 Born     Born At  
 Died  1487   Buried At  
 Father  Pole, John de la (Duke of Suffolk)   Mother  Elizabeth (of York, Duchess of Suffolk)
John de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln, was the son of Elizabeth, sister to Edward IV. He assisted Lambert Simnel's false claim to be Edward the Earl of Warwick. The real Earl of Warwick had been imprisoned by Henry VII in the Tower of London because he was the nephew of Edward IV and a rightful heir to the English throne. John de la Pole landed in Ireland in May of 1487 with some German mercenaries. The Irish crowned Simnel as Edward VI in Dublin and supported an invasion force. They landed on the Lancashire coast, but Henry was prepared and the two armies met at Stoke on 16th of June. The fight could have gone either way but Henry's army won the battle. Lincoln was killed and Lambert Simnel was captured.

Family Tree Details
Father: Pole, John de la (Duke of Suffolk) ( - d.1491)
Mother: Elizabeth (of York, Duchess of Suffolk) ( - d.1503)
Pole, John de la (Earl of Lincoln) ( - d.1487)

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1487 Jun 16  Battle of Stoke
 Henry VII fought the Earl of Lincoln and Lambert Simnel at Stoke. The English throne was at stake. Simnel was captured and Lincoln was killed. This battle ended the Wars of the Roses.[1]

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