Philip (II, King of Spain 1556-1598)

 Born  21 May 1527   Born At  
 Died  13 Sep 1598   Buried At  
Philip of Spain was the son of Emperor Charles V. In 1554 Philip married Queen Mary I, Queen of England. The English nobles were concerned by the marriage and there were restrictions placed on Philip as part of the marriage agreement whereby Philip had no rights to the English throne if Mary died without having any children, and in that case Elizabeth, Mary's half-sister, would become Queen of England. Philip also had no control of English armies.

Family Tree Details
Philip (II, King of Spain 1556-1598) (b.1527 - d.1598)
+Mary (I, Queen of England 1553-1558, Bloody Mary, Mary Tudor) (b.1516 - d.1558)

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Early Modern Period (1500-1800)
1527 May 21  Birth of Philip II of Spain
 Philip of Spain was the son of Emperor Charles V and Isabella, the daughter of Emanuel of Portugal. 
1554   27yrsRebellion of Sir Thomas Wyatt
 Several groups around the country were unhappy with the proposal of marriage between Mary and Philip of Spain. In Wales a group was led by Sir James Croft. In Devon another group was led by Sir Peter Carew. The Duke of Suffolk was in Leicestershire, but it was only Sir Thomas Wyatt from Kent who managed to get a force together.[1] 
 Jan 12  Queen Mary receives marriage embassy
 A Spanish embassy arrived at the Court of Queen Mary with a formal offer of marriage to Philip of Spain.[2] 
 Jul 20  Philip lands at Southampton
 With marriage arrangements well under way Philip II of Spain landed at Southampton. He then travelled to Winchester where the marriage was to take place.[2] 
 Jul 25  Marriage of Queen Mary and Philip II of Spain
 The marriage of Queen Mary and Philip of Spain took place. The marriage was conducted at Winchester Cathedral. 
1555 Sep  28yrsPhilip leaves England
 Philip II left England and travelled back to Brussels to see his father Charles. Charles was suffering from premature aging due to his excessive lifestytle and was preparing to abdicate from his duties as King of Spain and retire.[2] 
1556 Jan 16  29yrsPhilip of Spain becomes King
 Philip of Spain became King of Spain upon the death of his father Charles. 
1561   34yrsMadrid becomes capital of Spain
 In this year Philip II of Spain moved his court to Madrid. The town then became the capital of the country.The King set about building a new palace a few miles from Madrid called El Escorial and is designed in the form of a gridiron. 

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