Percy, Henry (Harry Hotspur)

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Henry 'Harry Hotspur' was the son of Henry Percy the first Earl of Northumberland. The Percies were a powerful family in the north of England who assisted Henry Bollingbroke in the overthrowing of Richard II and his accession to the English throne as Henry IV. Hotspur was given the role of guardian to Prince Henry (the future Henry V) and in 1401 he accompanied the young Prince to North Wales where they were to subdue the revolt started by Glyndwr. A disagreement erupted between Hotspur and the King when the King failed to pay Hotspur's men. Hotspur then refused to assist Prince Henry in Wales and went to Scotland to fight the Scots. Hotspur, along with his father, rebelled against the King and supported the claim of Edmund Mortimer's claim to the English throne. Hotpsur was killed in 1403 at the battle of Shrewsbury.


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1401   Hotspur takes control in North Wales
 Henry IV gave his son Prince Henry, the future Henry V, the task of defeating Glyndwr in North Wales. As the boy was only 13 years old, Hotspur a knight and jouster of importance was given the role of guardian over the Prince. Hotspur was the son of Henry Percy the Earl of Northumberland.[1]

Episode: Glendowers Revolt  
 Jun  Hotspur resigns
 After accusing the king of not paying his army, Hotspur resigned his guardianship of the king's son in North Wales and he left to resume fighting the Scots.[1]

Episode: Glendowers Revolt  
1402 Sep 14  Battle of Homildon Hill
 The armies of the Percies and the Scots met at Homildon Hill near Wooler in Northumberland. The Scots were defeated and the Scots' leader the Earl of Douglas was captured. Henry IV wanted Douglas handed over but Hotspur refused. Hotspur was angry with the English king who had refused to pay a ransom for Edmund Mortimer who had been captured by Owain Glyndwr and who was a friend of Hotspur's.

Episode: Glendowers Revolt  
1403   Revolt of the Percies
 The Percies, led by the Earl of Northumberland and Hotspur announced their intent to revolt against Henry IV. They even promised to free the Scots they had captured at the battle of Homildon if the Scots assisted in the revolt. The plan was to join forces with Owain Glyndwr and support the claim of the young Edmund Mortimer 5th Earl of March to the English throne.

Episode: Glendowers Revolt  
 Jul 21  Battle of Shrewsbury
 Henry IV managed to reach Shrewsbury just before Hotspur arrived and the rebel army had to camp outside the town to the north. The battle lasted all day but it ended when Hotspur was killed.

Episode: Glendowers Revolt  

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