Mortimer, Roger (of Wigmore)

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Roger Mortimer was a Marcher Lord who supported the Earl of Lancaster's fight against Edward II. After the battle of Boroughbridge and the defeat of Lancaster Mortimer was arrested and sent to the Tower of London. After the Parliament at York in May 1322 many of the Lancastrian rebels were executed as traitors but some, including Mortimer, were spared and remained in prison. In late 1323 Mortimer was able to escape from the Tower by supplying his guards with large amounts of liquor and then climbing down a rope. He fled to France where he joined Queen Isabella's cause against her husband, Edward II, and the Despensers. In 1326 Isabella and Mortimer, now her lover, sailed to England. Edward II had to flee from London where the inhabitants were against him but welcomed Isabella. Isabella and Mortimer chased Edward to Bristol. Edward II was forced to abdicate and his son Edward III became King of England. In 1330 Edward III became old enough to reign in his own right. He arrested Mortimer for the crimes against his father and Mortimer was executed.


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1323 Autumn  Mortimer escapes from the Tower
 Mortimer of Wigmore escaped from the Tower of London.[1] 
1325 Mar  Isabella leaves for France
 Isabella travelled to France to see King Charles IV her brother. Her mission was to bring to an end the disputes over land between France and England. The King agreed to the English reclaiming the lands of Gascony and Ponthieu as long as Edward came to Paris and paid homage. In Paris Isabella met Roger Mortimer who had recently escaped from the Tower of London. She fell in love with him.[1]

Episode: Isabella, She-Wolf of France and death of Edward II  
1326 Sep 24  Isabella and Mortimer land to take the throne
 Isabella, the wife of Edward II and her supporters including Mortimer landed at Orwell in Suffolk. Their aim was to remove Edward II from his throne and place Prince Edward there as the new king. Isabella had no problem in raising an army from those opposed to the King and they advanced on London. Although Edward was in the Tower of London the rest of London was against him and he decided to leave the city and head west with his supporters including the Despensers and the Earl of Winchester.

Episode: Isabella, She-Wolf of France and death of Edward II  
1330 Mar  Execution of Edmund, Earl of Kent
 Mortimer arrested Edmund, Earl of Kent for openly opposing Queen Isabella and Mortimer himself. This act was the catalyst for Edward II to arrest Mortimer for treason.

Episode: Isabella, She-Wolf of France and death of Edward II  
 Oct 19  Arrest of Mortimer
 Edward III ordered the arrest of Roger Mortimer. The King and some loyal supporters entered Nottingham Castle via a secret passage in the rocks and Roger Mortimer was arrested. 
 Nov 29  Execution of Roger Mortimer
 Mortimer was tried before Parliament and executed.

Episode: Isabella, She-Wolf of France and death of Edward II  
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