Melisende (of Jerusalem)

 Born  circa 1105   Born At  
 Died  11 Sep 1161   Buried At  
Melisende was the daughter of Baldwin II, King of Jerusalem. Baldwin had no sons to succeed him as king so he decided to find a French nobleman to marry Melisende his eldest daughter and take the throne. It was decided that Fulk V, count of Anjou should marry Melisende and he gave up his title in Anjou to become the King of Jerusalem. Fulk married Melisende in Jerusalem in 1129 and Fulk became King of Jerusalem when Baldwin died in 1131. Fulk and Melisende had two sons, Baldwin and Amalric, both of whom would become Kings of Jerusalem in their own right. When Fulk died in 1143 Melisende took control of the Kingdom as her eldest son Baldwin was not old enough to rule unaided.


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1129   24yrsFulk V marries Melisende
 Fulk V married Melisende, the heir to the Kingdom of Jerusalem. Fulk gave up his title of Count of Anjou which passed to his son Geoffrey Plantagenet.

Episode: The Crusaders in the Holy Land  
1131   26yrsFulk V becomes King of Jerusalem
 King Baldwin of Jerusalem died and Fulk V, who had married the King's daughter Melisende, became the King of Jerusalem.[1]

Episode: The Crusaders in the Holy Land  
1143   38yrsBaldwin III becomes king of Jerusalem
 When his father Fulk died, Baldwin became king of Jerusalem. But at only 13 years of age Baldwin was too young to rule unaided. He was made co-ruler of the Crusader state along side his mother Melisende.

Episode: The Crusaders in the Holy Land  
1152   47yrsBaldwin III demands self rule
 Baldwin III was old enough to rule Jerusalem unaided and demanded that the control he shared with his mother was ended. This split the Crusader state and led to civil war. 

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