Maurice (Prince of the Rhine)

 Born  1621   Born At  
 Died  1652   Buried At  
 Father  Frederick (V Elector Palatine)   Mother  Elizabeth (Queen Consort of Bohemia)
Maurice was the younger brother of Prince Rupert. Both brothers came to England to help their uncle, King Charles I fight the Parliamentary forces.

Family Tree Details
Father: Frederick (V Elector Palatine) (b.1596 - d.1632)
Mother: Elizabeth (Queen Consort of Bohemia) (b.1596 - d.1662)
Maurice (Prince of the Rhine) (b.1621 - d.1652)

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Early Modern Period (1500-1800)
1643   22yrsDartmouth Castle siege
 Dartmouth Castle fell to Maurice after a short siege. 
 Jul 13  Battle of Roundway Down
 Once Charles learnt that Hopton was being held at Devizes, he sent Wilmot to meet up with Prince Maurice and put together a Royalist army to free the town. The Royalists and Parliamentarians met at Roundway Down just north of Devizes. Wilmot was able to drive the Parliamentarians back towards the top of a steep slope where, as the Parliament army fell, many were killed. The slope is now known as Bloody Ditch.[1] 
 Aug  Corfe Castle rescued
 Corfe Castle was being besieged by Parliamentary forces. Inside the castle Lady Mary Banks with a small number of defenders had managed to hold the castle against much larger number of men outside. Lady Mary's husband, Sir John Banks, was elsewhere with King Charles at the time. Prince Maurice attacked and drove off the Parliamentary besiegers.[1] 

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