Joan (of Arc)

 Born  6 Jan 1412   Born At  
 Died  30 May 1431   Buried At  
oan of Arc was born in 1412 in a village called Domremy and was the daughter of a farmer. She had no education apart from religious instruction given to her by her mother. One evening, on one of her solitary walks, Joan saw a bright light and heard a voice coming from the direction of the local church. The visions continued informing her of her mission to rescue Orléans from the English invaders and to save France. At the age of 16 Joan went to see Robert de Baudricourt, the head of the French army at Vaucouleurs. Joan told him of the visions and her mission but he did not believe her and sent her home. Early in 1429 Joan left Domremy and returned to Vaucouleurs where again she spoke of her visions. This time she was believed and given permission to see Charles VII, the King of France. Leaving Vaucouleurs on February 24, 1491, Joan headed to Chinon and a meeting with the King. For protection on her journey Joan dressed as a man and had some attendants. In early March Joan reached Chinon but it took several days before the King granted her an audience.

The King was advised to accept Joan's help and she was supplied with white armour, a horse and a detachment of men for her journey to Orléans. Within the month Joan and her army had reached Orléans with supplies and attacked the English besiegers. In May of 1429 the English withdrew and the siege was lifted, Following up on their success,the French defeated the English at the Battle of Patay and in July Charles was crowned at Rhiems Cathedral.

Joan's main objective was to liberate Paris from the Burgundians, but first she needed to free Compiegne. It was during the fighting here that she was wounded again and this time captured. Joan was then sold to the English who handed her over to the Church. As Compiegne was under the bishopric of Beauvais Joan was delivered to Pierre Cauchon, the Bishop of Beauvais, who led the trial against her in which she was accused of witchcraft and heresy. Joan was found guilty and burnt at the stake in Rouen's marketplace.


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Partial Personal Timeline

1412 Jan  Joan of Arc born
 Joan is born at Domremy. 
1429 Feb 23  17yrsJoan begins her mission
 Joan left Vaucouleurs dressed as a man and with an escort of attendants. They headed for Chinon where Charles VII was staying. They reached Chinon in early March.

Episode: Henry VI and Joan of Arc  
 Mar  Joan visits Charles VII
 Joan was granted an audience with the dauphin at Vaucouleurs. At the meeting Charles had disguised himself as a servant and had a servant dress as himself. Joan was not fooled and picked the king out. Charles was impressed when Joan told him that God had told her that he was the true heir.

Episode: Henry VI and Joan of Arc  
 Apr  Joan is given an army
 Charles gave Joan a small army and she sets of to free Orleans from the English.

Episode: Henry VI and Joan of Arc  
 Apr 29  Joan reaches Orleans
 Joan reached Orleans and managed to get past the English to enter the town. There she raised the moral of the citizens trapped by the English siege.

Episode: Henry VI and Joan of Arc  
 May 8  Siege of Orleans is lifted
 Joan of Arc had tried to negotiate with the English without success. More French troops had arrived to assist break the blockade. On May 7th, Joan was wounded by an arrow in the neck but survived and managed to lead the French to defeat the English at Les Tourelles (part of the town). On May 8th the English moved out of Orleans.

Episode: Henry VI and Joan of Arc  
 Jun 18  The Battle of Patay
 The French defeat the English.

Episode: Henry VI and Joan of Arc  
 Jul 17  Charles VII crowned at Rheims
 Joan of Arc and the dauphin entered Rheims. Charles was crowned in the Cathedral and became King of France.

Episode: Henry VI and Joan of Arc  
 Sep 8  Joan fails to take Paris
 The French fail to retake Paris that had been captured by the English. Joan was slightly injured during the fighting.

Episode: Henry VI and Joan of Arc  

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