Born: 965

irst son of Edgar and Elfthyrth. Must have died young as he did not become king before his younger brother, Aethered.
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Edmund (of Scotland)

dmund was the son of Malcolm III, King of Scotland by his second wife Margaret (daughter of Edgar the Exile). He is supposed to have shared the rule of Scotland with his uncle Donald III. This came about after a rebelion against Donald by Edmund and half-brother Duncan. When Donald succeeded to the throne after the death of Malcolm III, Duncan, Edmund and his other brothers had escaped to the court of the English King William Rufus. With help from the Norman barons, Duncan and Edmund retook the Scottish throne in May of 1094 and Duncan became King. But his reign was short-lived and Donald retook the Scottish throne in November of the same year when Duncan was killed. After this event Edmund sided with King Donald and, as Donald had no children, was nominated as the heir to the Scottish throne. In 1097 Edgar the Aethling, Margaret's brother, invaded Scotland and placed his nephew Edgar, the younger brother of Edmund, on the Scottish throne. Although details are few, Edmund is thought to have become a monk at Montucute Abbey were it is believed that he died.
1094 May  Duncan II becomes King of the Scots
 Assisted by Norman knights and his half-brother Edmund, Duncan invaded Scotland to unseat his uncle Donald from the Scottish throne. The invasion succeeded and he became king in May. His reign only lasted until November when he was killed in battle and Donald retook the Scottish throne. Edmund sided with Donald at this time and was named as heir to the throne as the King had no children. It is possible that Edmund shared the rule of Scotland with Donald from 1094. 

Edward (of Middleham, Prince of Wales)

Born: Dec 1473 Died: 1484

dward was the only child of King Richard III and his wife Anne Neville.
1473 Dec  Birth of Edward, Prince of Wales
 Edward, the son of Richard III and Anne Neville was born at Middleham Castle.

Episode: Wars of the Roses  
1483 Sep 7  Richard's son becomes Prince of Wales
 A week of festivities preceded the investiture of Richard's son Edward.[1] 
1484 Apr  Prince Edward dies
 Richard's only son died at Middleham Castle aged only eight. Anne was unable to have any more children and she would die in the following year. This left Richard with the problem of who should succeed him after his death. 

Elizabeth (of York)

Died: 1503

aughter of Edward IV and wife of Henry VII.

Family Tree Details
Father: Edward (IV, Earl of March and King of England 1461-1470, 1471-1483) (b.1442 - d.1483)
Mother: Woodville, Elizabeth (b.1437 - d.1492)
Elizabeth (of York) ( - d.1503)
+Henry (VII, King of England 1485-1509) (b.1457 - d.1509) =Arthur (Prince of Wales) (b.1486 - d.1502) | +Catherine (of Aragon) (b.1485 - d.1536) =Margaret (Tudor, Daughter of Henry VII) (b.1489 - d.1541) | +James (IV King of Scotland 1488-1513) (b.1473 - d.1513) | | =James (V, King of Scotland 1513-1542) (b.1512 - d.1542) | | +Mary (of Guise) ( - d.1560) | | | =Mary (Stuart, Queen of Scotland) (b.1542 - d.1587) | | | +Francis (II, King of France 1559-1560) (b.1544 - d.1560) | | | +Henry (Lord Darnley) (b.1546 - d.1567) | | | =James (VI of Scotland, 1567-1625, from 1603 James I of England) (b.1566 - d.1625) | | +Erskine, Margaret (Lady) | | =Stewart, James (1st Earl of Moray) (b.1531 - m.1570) | +Douglas, Archibald (Earl of Angus) ( - d.1557) | =Douglas, Margaret ( - d.1578) | +Stewart, Matthew (Earl of Lennox) ( - d.1571) | =Henry (Lord Darnley) (b.1546 - d.1567) | | +Mary (Stuart, Queen of Scotland) (b.1542 - d.1587) | | =James (VI of Scotland, 1567-1625, from 1603 James I of England) (b.1566 - d.1625) | =Stewart, Charles (Earl of Lennox) ( - d.1576) =Henry (VIII, King of England 1509-1547) (b.1491 - d.1547) | +Catherine (of Aragon) (b.1485 - d.1536) | | =Mary (I, Queen of England 1553-1558, Bloody Mary, Mary Tudor) (b.1516 - d.1558) | | +Philip (II, King of Spain 1556-1598) (b.1527 - d.1598) | +Boleyn, Anne ( - ex.1536) | | =Elizabeth (I, Queen of England 1558-1603) (b.1533 - d.1603) | +Seymour, Jane ( - d.1537) | | =Edward (VI, King of England 1547-1553) (b.1537 - d.1553) | +Anne (of Cleves) (b.1515 - d.1557) | +Howard, Catherine ( - ex.1542) | +Parr, Catherine =Mary (Tudor, Queen of France) (b.1495 - d.1533) +Louis (XII, King of France) ( - d.1515) +Brandon, Charles (Duke of Suffolk) (b.1485 - d.1545) =Frances (Lady) | +Grey, Henry (Duke of Suffolk) ( - ex.1554) | =Grey, Jane (Lady) (b.1537 - ex.1554) | =Grey, Catherine (Lady) =Clifford, Eleanor (Lady) ( - d.1547)

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1466 Feb 11  Birth of Edward IV's first daughter
 First daughter, Elizabeth, born to Edward IV and Elizabeth; a second daughter, Mary, was born 11.8.1467.
1486 Jan 18  Henry VII marries Elizabeth of York
 Henry married Elizabeth of York, the daughter of Edward IV, at Westminster Abbey. 
 Sep  Birth of Prince Arthur
 Elizabeth gave birth to a son which was named Arthur..The child was born several weeks early. Arthur was heir to the English throne. 
1487 Nov 25  Coronation of Elizabeth of York
 Elizabeth of York was crowned at Westminster Abbey. 
1488 Nov 25  Queen Elizabeth is crowned
 Elizabeth of York was crowned. This could have been in 1487.[3] 
1489 Nov  Birth of Margaret
 Henry VII's and Elizabeth's second child was born.[4] 
1491 Jun 28  Henry (VIII) born
 The future king of England Henry VIII was born at Greenwich Palace. He was the third child of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. 
Early Modern Period (1500-1800)
1503 Feb  Elizabeth of York dies
 Elizabeth, Henry VII's wife died in childbirth. 


irst wife of Fulk V of Anjou. Grandmother of Henry II, the King of England.

Family Tree Details
+Fulk (V, of Anjou) ( - d.1143) =Geoffrey (Plantagenet, 'The Fair', Count of Anjou) ( - d.1151) | +Matilda (Daughter of Henry I) (b.1102 - d.1167) | =Henry (II, King of England 1154-1189) (b.1133 - d.1189) | | +Eleanor (of Aquitaine) (b.1122 - d.1204) | | | =William (b.1153 - d.1156) | | | =Henry ('the Young King') (b.1155 - d.1183) | | | | +Margaret (Young Queen of England) (b.1158 - d.1197) | | | =Matilda (b.1156 - d.1189) | | | | +Henry (Duke of Saxony) | | | | =Otto (IV, Roman Emperor) (b.1182 - d.1218) | | | =Richard (I, King of England 1189-1199) (b.1157 - d.1199) | | | | +Berengaria (of Navarre, Queen of England) (b.1165 - d.1230) | | | =Geoffrey (Duke of Brittany) (b.1158 - d.1186) | | | | +Constance (of Brittany) | | | | =Eleanor (Fair Maid of Brittany) ( - d.1241) | | | | =Arthur (of Brittany) (b.1187 - d.1204) | | | =Eleanor (of England) (b.1162 - d.1214) | | | | +Alfonso (VIII, King of Castile) (b.1155 - d.1214) | | | | =Blanche (of Castile) (b.1188 - d.1252) | | | =Joan (of England, Queen of Sicily) (b.1165 - d.1199) | | | | +William (II, King of Sicily) | | | | +Raymond (VI, Count of Toulouse) | | | | =Raymond (VII, Count of Toulouse) | | | =John (King of England 1199-1216) (b.1167 - d.1216) | | | +Isabella of Gloucester ( - d.1217) | | | +Isabella (of Angouleme) | | | =Henry (III, King of England 1216-1272) (b.1207 - d.1272) | | | =Richard (Earl of Cornwall) (b.1209 - d.1272) | | | =Joan (Daughter of King John) (b.1210 - d.1238) | | | =Isabelle (b.1214 - d.1241) | | | =Eleanor (Daughter of King John) (b.1215 - d.1275) | | +Illegitimate | | =Plantagenet, Geoffrey (Archbishop of York) | | =Longsword, William | =Geoffrey (VI of Anjou) | =William (Count of Paitin) (b.1136 - d.1164) =Matilda (daughter of Fulk V) =Sybil (of Anjou)

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Erskine, Margaret (Lady)

istress of James V, King of Scotland. James V and Margaret Erskine had a son also called James.
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Estrithson, Sweyn (King of Denmark (1047-1074))

Died: 28 Apr 1074

ecame King of Denmark after the death of King Magnus of Norway in 1047.
1069   Danish fought off at Sandwich
 An attack by a Danish invasion fleet led by Sweyn Estrithson of Denmark was fought off by a garrison stationed at a castle at Sandwich. Sandwich was an important port on the south coast. The location has now been found and the site is being investigated.[5]

Episode: Norman Conquest  
   York captured by the Danes
 An army sent by Sweyn of Denmark landed in the north and captured York. Local rebels joined the Danes and attacked the two castles within the city. 
1074 Apr 28  Harold III becomes King of Denmark
 Upon the death of Sweyn the King of Denmark a war of succession followed between his eldest sons. Harold became king and reigned until 1081. 

Eustace (II, Count of Boulogne)

Died: 1093

Family Tree Details
Eustace (II, Count of Boulogne) ( - d.1093)
+Godgifu (Daughter of Aethelred)

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1051   Edward expels the Godwine family
 An incident occurred when Eustace II Count of Boulogne visited Edward the Confessor, his brother-in-law. The incident occurred in Dover where a fight broke out between the Norman visitors and the locals. Several people were killed. The area of Dover was under the control of the Godwine family and Edward the Confessor, who blamed the people of Dover for the fight, told Godwine to deal with them. Godwine refused to obey Edward's order and in response Edward raised an army and forced the Godwine family into exile.

Episode: Edward the Confessor and Earl Godwine  

Eustace (IV, Count of Boulogne)

Died: 17 Aug 1153

ustace was the son of Stephen of Blois, King of England. King Stephen tried to ensure Eustace would become king after his death but the throne of England went to Henry II instead.
1137 Apr  Stephen goes to Normandy
 King Stephen sailed to Normandy to confront Geoffrey Plantagenet, count of Anjou and the Angevins who were attacking the southern areas of Normandy. Although Stephen had come success he was not able to deal fully with the count. Stephen did come to an agreement with the French King Louis VI and Eustace, Stephen's son, paid homage to the French king for Normandy.[6] 
1152 Apr 6  Theobald refuses to crown Eustace
 King Stephen had several lords swear to have Eustace, his son, as the next king of England. Theobald the Archbishop of Canterbury, who had to accept as well, refused to crown Eustace favouring Henry II's claim to the throne instead.

Episode: Civil War Stephen and Matilda  
 Qtr 3  Henry defends his position
 After marrying Eleanor Henry came under attack by Louis, Eleanor's previous husband, who did not recognise Henry as the new Duke of Aquitaine. Stephen sent troops and his son Eustace to help Louis against Henry. Henry's younger brother, Geoffrey, was also not happy with the situation and joined the quarrels. Henry moved quickly attacking Louis and capturing Geoffrey to secure his position as Duke. 
1153 Aug 17  Stephen's son Eustace dies
 Eustace wanted to continue the fight against Henry and had started attacking areas around Cambridge and East Anglia. He ransacked the Abbey at Bury St. Edmunds but died very shortly afterwards from a sudden illness.

Episode: Civil War Stephen and Matilda