Henrietta Maria (Queen of England)

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Wife of Charles I, King of England. Henrietta Maria was a French Princess.


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Early Modern Period (1500-1800)
1625 May 11  Proxy marriage of Charles and Henrietta Maria
 Proxy wedding of Charles & Henrietta in Paris. 
 Jun 13  Charles marries Henrietta Maria
 Charles marries Henrietta Maria de Bourbon in St Augustine's Church at Canterbury. 
1626 Jun  French attendants dismissed
 Charles dismissed Henrietta's French entourage sending them back to France against the wishes of his wife. 6 out of 440 remained to look after her.[1] 
1629 May 13  Birth of Charles's first child
 Henrietta gave birth to her first child, Charles James Stuart, but he died the same day. 
1633 Oct 14  Birth of James (II, King of England and Scotland)
 James was the fourth child of Charles I and Henrietta Maria. 
1640 Jul 8  Henry Stuart born
 The son of Charles I and Henrietta Maria of France was born on this day. 
1642 Feb 23  The Queen looks for support
 Queen Henrietta Maria left the country via Dover looking for support for her husband from abroad. She took the Crown Jewels with her presumably to sell to raise money. 
1643 Feb 22  Queen Henrietta Maria returns
 The Queen returned from Holland, landing at Bridlington on the North Yorkshire coast. She brought with her supplies to assist her husband with his war efforts.[2] 

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