HAROLD (Harefoot, King of England 1037-1040)

 Born  circa 1015   Born At  
 Died  17 Mar 1040   Buried At  
 Father  Canute (King of England 1016-1035)   Mother  Aelfgifu (of Northampton)
Preceded by  Canute (King of England 1016-1035) Succeeded by  HARTHACNUT (King of England 1040-1042)
 Royal House   Denmark

Titles Include

King of England from 1037 to 1040

As regent

arold was the son of Canute and his first wife Aelfgifu. When Canute died in November of 1035 Harathacanute was declared heir to the English throne. Harthacanute was also the son of Canute but by his second wife Emma. Harthacanute was in Denmark when Canute died and could not return to England because his claim to the (Danish/Norwegian ?) throne was being contested by Magnus I of Norway. Harthacanute appointed his mother Emma and Harold Harefoot as regents to look after the affairs of England.

As King

Harthacanute was delayed from returning to England and a dispute between Emma and Harold began as to who should rule the country. The Earl Godwine sided with Harold and in 1036 Harold was proclaimed as sole Regent. At this point Emma called to her sons in Normandy for assistance. Albert, one of her sons arrived in England and was promptly murdered possibly by the Earl Godwine. Emma took refuge in Bruges. Harold died in March of 1040, and the death may not have been natural. In June of the same year, Harthacanute landed in England with a suitably large fleet and claimed back the English throne.

Family Tree Details
Father: Canute (King of England 1016-1035) (b.995 - d.1035)
Mother: Aelfgifu (of Northampton)
HAROLD (Harefoot, King of England 1037-1040) (b.1015 - d.1040)

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1035 Nov 12  20yrsCanute dies
 King Canute died at Shaftesbury leaving the rule of the country in dispute between Harthacnut (the son of Emma) and Harold Harefoot (the son of Aelfgifu). The Earls of Northumbria and Mercia supported Harold's claim while Earl Godwine supported Harthacanute's. Canute's body was taken to Winchester to be buried. Harthacnut was in Denmark at the time of his father's death and was unable to travel to England because of invasion threats.

Episode: Viking Invasions  
1036   21yrsHarold declared regent of England
 With Harthacnut still in Denmark a meeting was held at Oxford that chose Harold to act as regent of England.  
1037 Dec  22yrsHarold Harefoot becomes king
 Harold Harefoot was proclaimed king of England and Emma was exiled to Bruges.

Episode: Viking Invasions  
1040 Mar 17  25yrsHarold Harefoot dies
 Harold died at Oxford leaving the English throne open for Hathacanute to claim.

Episode: Viking Invasions  

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