Glyndwr, Owain

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Glyndwr owned land both in North Wales and in Pembrokeshire. In 1400 Glyndwr and his rival Lord Grey of Rutin had a dispute over land. The King of England sided with Rutin and so Glyndwr rose up in revolt against the English in North Wales.


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1400 Aug  Glyndwr's revolt starts
 What started as a land dispute between Owain Glyndwr, a wealthy land owner in Wales and his rival Lord Grey of Rutin quickly escalated to a revolt when the English King Henry IV sided with Rutin and awarded him the land.[1]

Episode: Glendowers Revolt  
 Sep  Glyndwr proclaimed Prince of Wales
 Glyndwr's revolt spread and he proclaimed himself the Prince of Wales. He was joined by the Tudor brothers from Anglesey and began guerrilla warfare against the English in the North of Wales and the Marcher Lords in the centre.[1] 
 Oct  Henry fights back against Glyndwr
 Henry IV moved into North Wales to try and stop the rebellion but he was not able to deal with the Welsh rebels who were more skilled at fighting in the terrain.[1]

Episode: Glendowers Revolt  
1402   Henry IV assembles an army
 The king assembled an army at Shrewsbury Castle in preparation to fight Owain Glyndwr.[2]

Episode: Glendowers Revolt  
 Jun 22  Battle of Pilleth
 Edmund Mortimer's army met Owain Glyndwr at Pilleth near Whitton in central Wales. Mortimer's army was badly defeated and Mortimer was captured. Glyndwr offered to release Mortimer for a large ransom, but Henry IV refused to pay.

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1403   Abergavenny attacked by Glyndwr
 The castle at Abergavenny was attacked and burnt by Owain Glyndwr.[3]

Episode: Glendowers Revolt  
   Llansteffan Castle attacked by Glyndwr
 The Norman Llansteffan Castle was attacked by Owain Glyndwr. Glyndwr may have held the castle for a short time until it was retaken by Sir John Penress (Pennes).

Episode: Glendowers Revolt  
   Kidwelly Castle attacked
 Owain Glyndwr's forces attacked Kidwelly Castle managing to set fire to the unfinished gatehouse but did not capture the castle.[4]

Episode: Glendowers Revolt  
   Weobley Castle attacked
 Owain Glyndwr attacked and badly damaged Weobley Castle.[5]

Episode: Glendowers Revolt  
1404   Harlech Castle siege
 The Welsh captured Harlech Castle and the fortress became the base for Owain Glyndwr's revolt.

Episode: Glendowers Revolt  
   Cardiff sacked by Glyndwr
 Owain Glyndwr attacked and captured the town of Cardiff and its castle.[6]

Episode: Glendowers Revolt  
   Aberystwyth falls to the Welsh
 Owain Glyndwr captured the town of Aberystwyth and its castle after a lengthy blockade.[4]

Episode: Glendowers Revolt  
   Bangor Cathedral burnt by rebels
 Bangor Cathedral was captured by Owain Glyndwr after a siege and destroyed by fire. [7]

Episode: Glendowers Revolt  
 May  Glyndwr's Parliament
 Owain Glyndwr called a Parliament where he declared himself to be the true 'Prince of Wales'. Embassies from France and Scotland attended the meeting and gave promises to support Glyndwr's plans to overthrow Henry IV.

Episode: Glendowers Revolt  
1405 Feb  Glyndwr's agreement
 Owain Glyndwr, Edmund Mortimer and the Earl of Northumberland combine forces and share the same goal of removing Henry IV. They agreed to divide England and Wales in three, Owain taking Wales and the west of England, the Earl to take the north of England and the north Midlands. Mortimer could have the rest.

Episode: Glendowers Revolt  
 Spring  Battles of Grosmont and Usk
 English forces fought and defeated Welsh forces in two battles at Grosmont and Usk. Sir John Talbot defeated Glyndwr at Grosmont and Prince Henry forced the Welsh to flee at Usk. Glyndwr's eldest son was captured at Usk and sent to the Tower of London where he died.

Episode: Glendowers Revolt  
1407   Harlech Castle siege
 The English besiege the Welsh in Harlech Castle.

Episode: Glendowers Revolt  

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