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Fulk V of Anjou was the grandfather of Henry II from his first marriage to Ermentrude. In 1128 a delegation from Baldwin II, the King of Jerusalem, arrived in France looking for a suitable nobleman to marry his daughter Melisende and become heir to the kingdom of Jerusalem. Baldwin had no sons and so it was important for the right person to become the next king. Fulk's first wife had died and he was chosen as the heir. In 1129 Fulk travelled to the Holy Land and married Melisende. Baldwin died in 1131 and Fulk became King of Jerusalem. Fulk had several castles built around the Muslim port of Ascalon that was a thorne in the side of the crusaders. These castles included Blanchegarde, Ibelin and Bethgiblin. A fourth castle at Gaza built after Fulk's death would prove to be the end of the Muslim control of Ascalon in 1153 after a siege.

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Fulk (V, of Anjou) ( - d.1143)
+Ermentrude | =Geoffrey (Plantagenet, 'The Fair', Count of Anjou) ( - d.1151) | | +Matilda (Daughter of Henry I) (b.1102 - d.1167) | | =Henry (II, King of England 1154-1189) (b.1133 - d.1189) | | | +Eleanor (of Aquitaine) (b.1122 - d.1204) | | | | =William (b.1153 - d.1156) | | | | =Henry ('the Young King') (b.1155 - d.1183) | | | | | +Margaret (Young Queen of England) (b.1158 - d.1197) | | | | =Matilda (b.1156 - d.1189) | | | | | +Henry (Duke of Saxony) | | | | | =Otto (IV, Roman Emperor) (b.1182 - d.1218) | | | | =Richard (I, King of England 1189-1199) (b.1157 - d.1199) | | | | | +Berengaria (of Navarre, Queen of England) (b.1165 - d.1230) | | | | =Geoffrey (Duke of Brittany) (b.1158 - d.1186) | | | | | +Constance (of Brittany) | | | | | =Eleanor (Fair Maid of Brittany) ( - d.1241) | | | | | =Arthur (of Brittany) (b.1187 - d.1204) | | | | =Eleanor (of England) (b.1162 - d.1214) | | | | | +Alfonso (VIII, King of Castile) (b.1155 - d.1214) | | | | | =Blanche (of Castile) (b.1188 - d.1252) | | | | =Joan (of England, Queen of Sicily) (b.1165 - d.1199) | | | | | +William (II, King of Sicily) | | | | | +Raymond (VI, Count of Toulouse) | | | | | =Raymond (VII, Count of Toulouse) | | | | =John (King of England 1199-1216) (b.1167 - d.1216) | | | | +Isabella of Gloucester ( - d.1217) | | | | +Isabella (of Angouleme) | | | | =Henry (III, King of England 1216-1272) (b.1207 - d.1272) | | | | =Richard (Earl of Cornwall) (b.1209 - d.1272) | | | | =Joan (Daughter of King John) (b.1210 - d.1238) | | | | =Isabelle (b.1214 - d.1241) | | | | =Eleanor (Daughter of King John) (b.1215 - d.1275) | | | +Illegitimate | | | =Plantagenet, Geoffrey (Archbishop of York) | | | =Longsword, William | | =Geoffrey (VI of Anjou) | | =William (Count of Paitin) (b.1136 - d.1164) | =Matilda (daughter of Fulk V) | =Sybil (of Anjou) +Melisende (of Jerusalem) (b.1105 - d.1161) =Baldwin (III, King of Jerusalem 1143-1162) (b.1131 - d.1162) =Amalric (I, King of Jerusalem, 1162 - 1174) (b.1136 - d.1174) +Comnena, Maria (b.1154 - )

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1110   Birth of Geoffrey Plantagenet
 Geoffrey Plantagenet was the son of Fulk V, the count of Anjou. Geoffrey would marry Matilda, the daughter of Henry I, King of England.[1] 
1119   William Adelin marries Matilda
 Fulk V of Anjou married his daughter Matilda to William Adelin, heir to the English crown. Wanting to go on Crusade, Fulk needed to ensure security and a marriage between his family and the English crown could help. 
1127   Marriage agreement
 King Henry of England arranged the marriage of his daughter Matilda to Geoffrey, the son of Fulk of Anjou. This was done to ensure an alliance between England and Anjou and to prevent Fulk allying himself with Louis VI of France. A previous marriage proposal between's Henry's son William and and Fulk's daughter came to nothing when William was drowned during a sea crossing from Normandy to England in 1120. Matilda had been married to Henry V of Germany, but he died in 1125 and Matilda had returned to England.[2] 
1128 Apr  Hugh de Payen visits Fulk of Anjou
 Hugh de Payen travelled around France starting with a visit to Fulk of Anjou who had become an associate member of the Knights Templar order in 1120. Support and donations across Europe for the Templars increased. The visits lasted during April and May.[3] 
 May 22  Matilda marries Geoffrey Plantagenet
 Henry I arranged a marriage between his daughter Matilda and the son of Fulk V of Anjou, Geoffrey Plantagenet. He had previously arranged a marriage between his son William Adelin to Fulk's daughter also called Matilda, but William had died when the 'White Ship' sank returning the Prince from Normandy. Geoffrey and Matilda were married in St. Julien's Cathedral in Le Mans, Maine (France).

Episode: Stephen's succession to the throne  
1129   Fulk V marries Melisende
 Fulk V married Melisende, the heir to the Kingdom of Jerusalem. Fulk gave up his title of Count of Anjou which passed to his son Geoffrey Plantagenet.

Episode: The Crusaders in the Holy Land  
1131   Fulk V becomes King of Jerusalem
 King Baldwin of Jerusalem died and Fulk V, who had married the King's daughter Melisende, became the King of Jerusalem.[4]

Episode: The Crusaders in the Holy Land  
1143   Baldwin III becomes king of Jerusalem
 When his father Fulk died, Baldwin became king of Jerusalem. But at only 13 years of age Baldwin was too young to rule unaided. He was made co-ruler of the Crusader state along side his mother Melisende.

Episode: The Crusaders in the Holy Land  

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