Eleanor (of Castile)

 Born  1241   Born At  
 Died  1290   Buried At  
Eleanor, the daughter of Joan of Ponthieu and Ferdinand III of Castile, married Edward (I) the heir to the English throne. Both Edward and Eleanor were descended from Henry II. Henry was Edward's great-grandfather while Henry was Eleanor's great-great-grandfather.

Family Tree Details
Eleanor (of Castile) (b.1241 - d.1290)
+Edward (I, King of England 1272-1307) (b.1239 - d.1307) =Katherine (Daughter of Edward I) (b.1264 - ) =John (Son of Edward I) (b.1266 - d.1271) =Henry (Son of Edward I) (b.1268 - d.1274) =Eleanor (Daughter of Edward I) (b.1269 - d.1298) =Joan (of Acre) (b.1271 - ) =Alfonso (Son of Edward I) (b.1275 - ) =Margaret (b.1275 - d.1318) =Mary (Daughter of Edward I) (b.1279 - ) =Elizabeth (b.1282 - d.1316) =Edward (II, King of England 1307-1327) (b.1284 - d.1327) +Isabella (of France, Wife of Edward II) ( - d.1358) =Edward (III, King of England 1327-1377) (b.1312 - d.1377) | +Philippa (of Hainault) (b.1314 - d.1369) | =Edward (The Black Prince) (b.1330 - d.1376) | | +Joan (of Kent) (b.1328 - d.1385) | | =Edward (of Angouleme) (b.1365 - d.1372) | | =Richard (II, King of England 1377-1399) (b.1367 - d.1400) | =Isabella (Daughter of Edward III) ( - d.1382) | =Joan (Daughter of Edward III) ( - d.1348) | =William (Son of Edward III) | =Lionel (of Antwerp, Duke of Clarence) (b.1338 - d.1368) | | +Elizabeth (de Burgh) ( - d.1363) | | | =Philippa (daughter of Lionel Duke of Clarence) | | +Visconti, Violante | =John (of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster) ( - d.1399) | | +Blanche (of Lancaster) ( - d.1369) | | | =Henry (IV, King of England 1399-1413) (b.1367 - d.1413) | | | =Philippa, (daughter of John of Gaunt) | | | =Elizabeth (daughter of John of Gaunt) | | +Constance (of Castile) ( - d.1394) | | | =Katherine (of Lancaster) (b.1372 - d.1418) | | +Swynford, Catherine | | =Beaufort, John (1st Earl of Somerset) ( - d.1410) | | =Beaufort, Henry (Cardinal-Bishop of Winchester) (b.1376 - d.1447) | | =Beaufort, Thomas (Duke of Exeter) ( - d.1426) | | =Beaufort, Joan (daughter of John of Gaunt) (b.1379 - d.1440) | =Edmund (of Langley, Duke of York) ( - d.1402) | | +Isabella (of Castile) | | =Edward (Duke of York) ( - d.1415) | | =Richard (Earl of Cambridge) ( - d.1415) | =Mary (Daughter of Edward III) ( - d.1362) | =Margaret (Daughter of Edward III) ( - d.1361) | =Thomas (of Woodstock, Duke of Gloucester) ( - d.1397) =John (Earl of Cornwall) ( - d.1336) =Joan (Daughter of Edward II) | +David (II, King of the Scots 1329-1371) ( - d.1371) =Eleanor (Daughter of Edward II) +Reginald (Duke of Guelderland)

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Partial Personal Timeline

1254   13yrsEdward marries
 Edward (I) at the age of fifteen travels from Portsmouth with his mother and the Archbishop of Canterbury to marry Eleanor of Castile the half-sister of the King Alfonso X of Castile. Both Edward and Eleanor are descended from Henry II.[1] 
1255 Oct  14yrsEdward and Eleanor return to England
 After the marriage at a Cistercian convent in Castile, Edward and Eleanor returned via Dover to England. Eleanor lived initially at Windsor Castle. 
1263 Feb  22yrsEdward returns to England
 Edward and his wife returned to England[2]

Episode: The Second Barons' War  
1277 Aug 13  36yrsVale Royal Abbey foundation stone laid
 Edward and his wife Eleanor of Castile laid the foundation stone of the Cistercian Abbey of Vale Royal in Cheshire.[2] 
1282 Aug  41yrsFeudal levy gather at Rhuddlan
 King Edward had called for the feudal army to gather at Rhuddlan in August to put down the Welsh revolt. Edward and Eleanor's daughter Elizabeth was born at Rhuddlan at this time.[3]

Episode: Edward I and Wales  
1284 Apr 25  43yrsEdward (II) is born
 Edward, the future king of England was born at Caernarvon Castle on the 25th April, 1284. His father was Edward I and his mother was Eleanor of Castile. The castle was probably still under construction as work on it had only begun the year before.

Episode: Edward I and Wales  
1289 Aug  48yrsEdward returns to England
 Edward and Eleanor return to England after a three year visit to their foreign domains. 
1290 Nov 28  49yrsEleanor of Castile dies
 Eleanor of Castile, the wife of Edward I died while travelling in the North with the King. Eleanor had been suffering with illness for some time and the cold and damp of the Winter months probably aggravated her condition.[2] 
 Dec  The 'Eleanor Crosses'
 As Edward travelled with the body of his wife Eleanor from Harby near Lincoln where the Queen died to Westminster a series of crosses were later erected at each location that the body rested over night.[2] 

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