Eleanor (of Aquitaine)

 Born  1122   Born At  
 Died  1204   Buried At  
Eleanor of Aquitaine was the wife of the English King Henry II. Initially she had married the French king Louis VII. The marriage was arranged, as many noble marriages were in medieval times, to forge a relationship between France and Aquitaine. When Louis went on crusade in 1147 Eleanor went with him. In Antioch, in 1148, Eleanor met and had an affair with her uncle, Raymond of Poitiers. After the crusade Louis wanted his marriage to Eleanor ended, but he was advised not to end the marriage by his advisor the Abbot Suger, who thought the divorce would damage relationships with Aquitaine. When Abbot Suger died in 1152 Louis had the marriage annulled. It was not long before Eleanor was remarried to the heir of the English throne, Henry of Anjou, the future Henry II of England. The couple had several children including two future kings of England, King Richard and King John, but the marriage was eventful resulting in Henry and Eleanor splitting up with their sons taking differenrt sides. Eleanor died in 1204 and is buried at Fontevrault Abbey.

Family Tree Details
Eleanor (of Aquitaine) (b.1122 - d.1204)
+Louis (VII, The Young, King of France, 1137-1180) (b.1121 - d.1180) | =Mary (of Champagne) (b.1145 - ) | =Alice (Daughter of Eleanor of Aquitaine) (b.1150 - ) +Henry (II, King of England 1154-1189) (b.1133 - d.1189) =William (b.1153 - d.1156) =Henry ('the Young King') (b.1155 - d.1183) | +Margaret (Young Queen of England) (b.1158 - d.1197) =Matilda (b.1156 - d.1189) | +Henry (Duke of Saxony) | =Otto (IV, Roman Emperor) (b.1182 - d.1218) =Richard (I, King of England 1189-1199) (b.1157 - d.1199) | +Berengaria (of Navarre, Queen of England) (b.1165 - d.1230) =Geoffrey (Duke of Brittany) (b.1158 - d.1186) | +Constance (of Brittany) | =Eleanor (Fair Maid of Brittany) ( - d.1241) | =Arthur (of Brittany) (b.1187 - d.1204) =Eleanor (of England) (b.1162 - d.1214) | +Alfonso (VIII, King of Castile) (b.1155 - d.1214) | =Blanche (of Castile) (b.1188 - d.1252) | +Louis (VIII, The Lion, King of France 1223-1226) ( - d.1226) | =LOUIS (IX, King of France, St. Louis) ( - d.1270) | +Margaret (of Provence) | =Philippe (III, King of France 1270-1285) ( - d.1285) =Joan (of England, Queen of Sicily) (b.1165 - d.1199) | +William (II, King of Sicily) | +Raymond (VI, Count of Toulouse) | =Raymond (VII, Count of Toulouse) =John (King of England 1199-1216) (b.1167 - d.1216) +Isabella of Gloucester ( - d.1217) +Isabella (of Angouleme) =Henry (III, King of England 1216-1272) (b.1207 - d.1272) | +Eleanor (of Provence) | =Edward (I, King of England 1272-1307) (b.1239 - d.1307) | | +Eleanor (of Castile) (b.1241 - d.1290) | | | =Katherine (Daughter of Edward I) (b.1264 - ) | | | =John (Son of Edward I) (b.1266 - d.1271) | | | =Henry (Son of Edward I) (b.1268 - d.1274) | | | =Eleanor (Daughter of Edward I) (b.1269 - d.1298) | | | =Joan (of Acre) (b.1271 - ) | | | =Alfonso (Son of Edward I) (b.1275 - ) | | | =Margaret (b.1275 - d.1318) | | | =Mary (Daughter of Edward I) (b.1279 - ) | | | =Elizabeth (b.1282 - d.1316) | | | =Edward (II, King of England 1307-1327) (b.1284 - d.1327) | | +Margaret (of France) ( - d.1317) | | =Thomas (Earl of Norfolk) ( - d.1338) | | =Edmund (Earl of Kent) ( - d.1330) | =Edmund (Crouchback, Earl of Lancaster) (b.1245 - d.1296) | | +Fortibus, Aveline de | | +Blanche (of Artois) | | =Thomas (Earl of Lancaster) (b.1278 - ex.1322) | | =Henry (Earl of lancaster) | =Margaret ( - d.1275) | | +Alexander (III, King of Scotland 1249-1286) ( - d.1286) | | =Alexander (son of Alexander III) ( - d.1284) | | =David (son of Alexander III) ( - d.1281) | | =Margaret (daughter of Alexander III) | =Beatrice ( - d.1275) =Richard (Earl of Cornwall) (b.1209 - d.1272) =Joan (Daughter of King John) (b.1210 - d.1238) | +Alexander (II, King of Scotland 1198-1249) (b.1198 - d.1249) =Isabelle (b.1214 - d.1241) =Eleanor (Daughter of King John) (b.1215 - d.1275) +Marshal, William (the younger) +Montfort, Simon de ( - d.1265) =Montfort, Henry de ( - d.1265)

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Partial Personal Timeline

1146 Mar 31  24yrsSermon at Vézelay
 St. Bernard's sermon at Vézelay so moved Eleanor of Aquitaine that she vowed to go on Crusade.

Episode: The Second Crusade  
1147 Jun  25yrsLouis VII joins the Crusade
 Declaring Abbot Suger regent of France, Louis VII and Eleanor began their Crusade.

Episode: The Second Crusade  
1152 Mar 11  30yrsDivorce of Louis VII and Eleanor
 The marriage of King Louis VII of France and his wife Eleanor of Aquitaine was annulled. The reason for the divorce was given as consanguinity which means both Louis and Eleanor shared a common ancestor but the marriage had never been a happy one and Eleanor had been accused of adultery while accompanying Louis on crusade to the Holy Land in 1149.[1] 
 May  Henry marries Eleanor
 Only two months after Eleanor of Aquitaine's marriage to Louis VII, king of France was annulled, she married Henry of Anjou - future king of England - Henry II.[2] 
1154 Spring  32yrsHenry returns to Normandy
 A triumphant Henry returned to Rouen in Normandy to a warm reception from his family including Eleanor and his eight month old son William.[3]

Episode: Civil War Stephen and Matilda  
 Dec 19  Henry crowned at Westminster Abbey
 Henry of Normandy crowned Henry II of England, and Eleanor of Aquitaine crowned Queen, at Westminster.

Episode: Civil War Stephen and Matilda  
1155 Feb 28  33yrsHenry the Young King is born
 Eleanor gave birth to Henry at Bermondsey Palace in London.[5] 
 Spring  Repairs to Westminster Palace
 The Palace at Westminster had been badly damaged by Stephen's supporters at the time of the Anarchy and it had become unfit as a Royal residence. Thomas Becket was given the task of repairing the buildings and by the summer of the same year Eleanor was able to move in.[5] 
1158 Sep 23  36yrsBirth of Geoffrey Plantagenet
 Birth of Geoffrey Plantagenet.[4] 

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