Edgar (The Aetheling)

 Born     Born At  
 Died  circa 1126   Buried At  
 Father  Edward (The Exile)   Mother  Agatha (of Brunswick)
Edgar was the son of Edward the Exile and grandson of Edmund II (Ironside), King of England. Edward the Exile had fled from England when Edmund II died and Canute had become King in 1016. In 1057 Edward the Exile and Edgar returned to England but Edward died shortly after. Edgar was brought up by Edward the Confessor. Because Edward the Confessor had no children Edgar was nominated as the heir to the English throne. When Edward the Confessor died in January of 1066 Edgar was too young to rule unaided and so Harold Godwinson was chosen as the next king of England. After Harold was killed at the battle of Hastings, in October of 1066, Edgar was briefly nominated as King until William the Conqueror assumed the title in December. In 1073 Edgar's attempts to take the English throne were upset by William the Conqueror. Edgar had joined forces with King Malcolm in Scotland and also King Philippe I of France. A storm in the North Sea put paid to any attempts and he surrendered to William.

Family Tree Details
Father: Edward (The Exile) (b.1016 - d.1057)
Mother: Agatha (of Brunswick)
Edgar (The Aetheling) ( - d.1126)

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Family Tree Details

Father: Edward (The Exile) (b.1016 - d.1057)
Mother: Agatha (of Brunswick)


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1066 Nov  William advances to London
 After his victory at the battle of Hastings William moved along the south coast to Dover where extra fortifications were built in the existing castle at the top of the cliffs. From there he moved on to Canterbury. After the death of Harold the archbishops of York and Canterbury, Ealdred and Stigand supported the plan to put Edgar the Aetheling on the English throne but William moved too quickly for this to be done. Canterbury submitted to William and he moved on to London. Instead of entering London from the south he moved around the west of the city crossing the Thames at Wallingford. Finally archbishop Stigand and the other Anglo-Saxon leaders submitted to William and after turning south at Little Berkhamsted William entered London.

Episode: Norman Invasion  
1067 Mar  William returns to Normandy
 William returned to Normandy taking as guests Edgar the Aetheling (the grandson of Edmund Ironside), Stigand (Archbishop of Canterbury, the Earls of Mercia and Northumbria and the brothers Edwin and Morcar.[1] 
1068   Malcolm III marries Edgar's sister
 Edgar the Aetheling took refuge with Malcolm III in Scotland along with his sister Margaret. Malcolm and Margaret were married in the same year. 
1072 Jun  William leads an army into Scotland
 It is possible that William the Conqueror was planning to attack King Malcolm to prevent him protecting Edgar the Aetheling and to stop him advancing into the north of England. The treaty 'Peace of Abernethy' brought a solution to the situation where Malcolm agreed to become William's vassal and to expel Edgar.[1]

Episode: Norman Conquest  
1073   Edgar the Aetheling attempts to take the English throne
 Edgar joins forces with King Malcolm in Scotland and King Philippe I of France.

Episode: Norman Conquest  
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