Dudley, John (Earl of Warwick, Duke of Northumberland)

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John Dudley challenged the power of the Duke of Somerset, the protector of Edward VI. Somerset was sent to the Tower of London and Dudley took his role as Edward's governor. Dudley attempted to place his family in power by marrying his son Guilford Dudley to Lady Jane Grey. He then got Edward to sign an agreement that meant Jane would become Queen of England after his death rather than his sisters Mary and Elizabeth. When Edward died in 1553 Lady Jane Grey was proclaimed Queen but not crowned. Mary, the true heir to the throne, raised a large army and put an end to Dudley's ambitions.


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Early Modern Period (1500-1800)
1553 Jun  Change to Edward VI's will
 Edward signed a change to his earlier will or 'devise' and nominated Lady Jane Grey as heir to the English throne. The change was orchestrated by the Duke of Northumberland and Sir John Gates. Lady Jane Grey had married the Duke's son Guilford Dudley a few months earlier and the will initially stated that Janes's male heirs would be next in line. This was altered when is was seen the Edward would die before she had children so that Jane herself could become Queen.

Episode: Lady Jane Grey, the Nine Day Queen  
 Jul  Mary gathers support
 At Kenninghall Manor in Norfolk Mary called for support against the Duke of Northumberland and Lady Jane Grey. Large numbers of supporters gathered around her with supplies and weapons.

Episode: Lady Jane Grey, the Nine Day Queen  
 Jul 10  Lady Jane Grey proclaimed Queen
 The Duke of Northumberland proclaimed that his daughter-in-law Lady Jane Grey was the next monarch of England. Jane was moved to the Tower of London. Although Northumberland controlled London many of the town's people supported Mary's claim to the throne.

Episode: Lady Jane Grey, the Nine Day Queen  
 Jul 17  Northumberland's final move
 The Duke of Northumberland and a army of some 3,000 men travelled to Cambridge in an attempt to stop Mary. Moving on to Bury St. Edmunds the Duke came up against a much larger army supporting Mary. Accepting defeat, Northumberland was arrested and taken back to London to be held in the Tower.[1]

Episode: Lady Jane Grey, the Nine Day Queen  
 Aug 3  Mary arrives in London
 Mary Tudor arrived at London to a huge welcome. Entering through Aldgate she was met by Elizabeth, Anne of Cleves and many others. Mary quickly ordered the release of her supporters that had been locked up at the Tower of London. The Duke of Northumberland and his supporters were placed in the Tower to await trial and execution.

Episode: Lady Jane Grey, the Nine Day Queen  

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