Charles (II, King of England 1660-1685)

 Born  29 May 1630   Born At  
 Died  6 Feb 1685   Buried At  
 Father  Charles (I, King of England and Scotland 1625-1649)   Mother  Henrietta Maria (Queen of England)
Born on May 29th, at St. James's Palace in London.

Family Tree Details
Father: Charles (I, King of England and Scotland 1625-1649) (b.1600 - d.1649)
Mother: Henrietta Maria (Queen of England)
Charles (II, King of England 1660-1685) (b.1630 - d.1685)

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Early Modern Period (1500-1800)
1630 May 29  Charles (II) born
 Charles (II), the future King of England was born at St. James's Palace in London. 
1646 Mar 13  16yrsHopton surrenders
 On March 13/14 Hopton finally surrendered to Fairfax at Truro. Charles, the Prince of Wales, had escaped earlier, sailing first to the Scilly Isles and then to Jersey in the Channel Islands.[1] 
1660 May 29  30yrsCharles II becomes King of England
 Charles entered London on his thirtieth birthday to become King of England. 
1661 Apr 23  31yrsCharles II crowned
 Charles II was crowned eleven months after becoming king at Westminster Abbey. 

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