Cabot, John

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John Cabot and his sons were explorers who sailed the oceans in search of new lands. Cabot was born in around 1450 in Genoa and later moved to England in around 1490 after spending time in Venice. Henry VII granted John, his sons and descendants the power to sail under the English flag on their voyages of discovery and to conquer any new lands they found. Cabot was asked to find a route via the west to open up trade-routes with the far east. Venice had monopolies with existing routes through the Mediterranean. It was hoped that by sailing west from Europe they would find the east coast of Asia. Instead they found the American continent.


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1496 Mar 5  Henry VII and John Cabot
 Henry VII granted John Cabot, his sons and heirs the power to explore unknown areas under the English flag. They were allowed to conquer these new lands. Although the Cabots had to fund the explorations themselves they only had to pay the Crown only one fifth of the money they made by selling the goods they found.

Episode: The Great Explorers  
1497 May 2  John Cabot sets sail for Asia
 Under the English flag, John Cabot left Bristol on his voyage of exploration across the Atlantic to find a route to Asia and to open new trade routes.

Episode: The Great Explorers  
 Jun  Cabot discovers Newfoundland
 Expecting to find the east coast of Asia Cabot and his fleet of explorers landed on what we now know as Newfoundland or Nova Scotia.

Episode: The Great Explorers  
 Aug 6  Cabot returns from voyage
 John Cabot returned to Bristol after his voyage of discovery.

Episode: The Great Explorers  
1498 May  Cabot disappears on voyage
 Cabot and a fleet of five ships sailed for America but were not heard from again.

Episode: The Great Explorers  

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