Anselm, (Archbishop of Canterbury)

 Born  1033   Born At  
 Died  1109   Buried At  
Anselm was born in the alpine village of Aosta in the Italian Alps and was the son of a wealthy nobleman. Anselm became a pupil at the Abbey of Bec in Normandy and studied under Lanfranc. In 1078 Anselm replaced Herluin as the Abbot of Bec when Herluin died. In 1093 Anselm was invited to become Archbishop of Canterbury by William Rufus when the Lanfranc, the current Archbishop died. Differences arose between Anselm and William resulting in Anselm leaving England and going to Rome. Anselm was invited back to England when Henry I became King of England in 1100, but the conflicts arose between the King and Archbishop when Henry asked Anselm to do homage for the lands he held belonging to the Crown and over the right of the king to elect bishops. Anselm again left England because of the disputes. In 1105, afraid of being excommunicated, Henry arranged a meeting with Anselm at Laigle in Normandy where the two reached an agreement. Anselm returned to England in 1106 a couple of years before his death to retake his position as Archbishop of Canterbury.


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1093   60yrsAnselm Becomes Archbishop of Canterbury
 Anselm became Archbishop of Canterbury in 1093 succeeding Lanfranc. The post of Archbishop of Canterbury had been held open by William Rufus so that he could collect for himself the church's income. Anselm died in 1109. 
1097   64yrsAnselm goes into exile
 Conflicts between Archbishop Anselm and William Rufus resulted in the Archbishop leaving England and heading for Rome. William confiscated Anselm's land. 
1100 Qtr 3  67yrsAnselm recalled from exile
 Henry I had no quarrels with the exiled archbishop and invited Anselm to return from exile and take back his position at Canterbury. 
1103   70yrsConflicts between Church and State
 Disagreements began to arise between Henry I and Archbishop Anselm over the appointment of bishops and abbots into important Church positions. Anselm believed that it was a matter for the Church to decide and should not be controlled by the King. No concession could be agreed upon and once again Anselm went into exile as the King confiscated the lands that the archbishop owned. 
1105 Jul  72yrsHenry and Anselm reach an agreement
 Under threat of excommunication Henry I met Archbishop Anselm at Laigle in Normandy to settle the disputes that had led to the Archbishop's exile from England. An agreement was reached and Aneslm returned to england in the following year. 
1109 Apr 21  76yrsArchbishop Anselm dies
 Death of the Archbishop of Canterbury.[1] 

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