Isle of Wight

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The island off the south coast of England has been the invaded many times.
1002   Another Danegeld paid
 Aethelred was forced to pay the Danes that were camped on the Isle of Wight another large amount of money for them to leave. 
1136   Baldwin de Redvers flees to Carisbrooke
 The Earl of Devon, Baldwin de Redvers takes refuge in Carisbrooke castle on the Isle of Wight after a defeat at the hands of King Stephen. 
1338 Oct  French attacks continue on the south coast
 Towns at Dover, Folkestone, Harwich, Hastings, Portsmouth, Rye, and the Isle of Wight were attacked and many merchant ships were destroyed. The attackers even sailed into Portsmouth harbour pretending to be English by raising English flags and sacked the town. 
1377   Carisbrooke defended against the French
 The French landed on the Isle of Wight and attacked Carisbrooke castle. The castle did not fall to the French.